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High Nickel Alloy Flanges Suppliers in Libya

Flanges Supplier in Libya, All Types of Industrial Flanges in Tripoli.

Marcel Piping Projects Supply PVT LTD is India’s leading industrial flanges supplier and exporter in Libya, We have been viewed as the most encouraging accomplice for a variety of clientele in fields such as Pipe fittings, Refinery, Railway, Agriculture, Automobiles, etc. Flanges are used to reduce pressure or strain exerted on pipelines without reducing fluid flow rate – Connecting large diameter piping systems together in power plants, refineries, and chemical plants – To connect and disconnect piping systems. Simplify the repairing process in pipelines by making it easier to access them (e.g., when an emergency shutdown is required) or relocating a pipeline.

Stainless Steel Flange is a cast ring, or it is called a forged which is designed to connect different sections of the pipe or any other machinery that needs a midway connecting point. These flanges are in massive demand in the market because of their surface finishing and tensile strength. We are the leading supplier and exporter of these Flanges in the international market. We have a staff of highly skilled and experienced professionals that are in the making of a rich quality Industrial Flanges. The designing and development of these Baking Ring Flanges are done according to ANSI/ASME B16.47, B16.36, B16.5, EN1902-1, DIN, JIS, BS, MSS, KS, UNI, SABS/SANS, AS, ISO, AWWA, GOST, API, AS/ANZ, SAE J518, GB, Norwegian Flange standards and specifications. Our working staff fabricates these industrial Flanges with proper care using advanced manufacturing techniques and modern tools. Our specialists monitor each step and guide our employees to produce the best quality Flanges. We are providing Slip-on Flanges that can withstand easily harsh and corrosive conditions.

Largest Exporters and Suppliers of Weld Neck, Long Weld Neck, Slip-On, Spectacle Blind, Socket Weld, Blind, Threaded, Orifice, High Hub, Lap Joint, Square, RTJ, Tongue and Groove, Expander, Reducing, Male & Female, Bleed, Drip & Vent Ring, Weldoflange, Nipoflange, Flangeolet, Backing, Ring Spacer, Paddle Blind, Plate, Galvanized, IBR, Spool, Custom, Swivel Ring, Nozzle, Companion, Studding Outlet, Exhaust, Navy, Orific Union, Wire Seal Flange in Libya

Flange Suppliers and Exporters in Libya
Flange Suppliers and Exporters in Libya

We are ISO Certified Exporters of Industrial Flanges in Duplex Steel, Super Duplex Steel, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Monel, Copper Nickel, Inconel, Incoloy, Nickel Alloy, Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Alloy Steel, Alloy 20, 254 Smo, Titanium, Bronze, Aluminium, Brass at Reasonable Price in Tripoli, Libya.

Click below links for Flange Specifications, Flange Types and its Dimensions, Flange Materials, Flange Pressure-Temperature Ratings, Flange Tolerances, Flange Pressure Classes, Flange Technical Drawings, and Flange Weight Charts.

Flanges Types available in the Libya
Flanges Exporter in Tripoli

Flange Materials available in the Libya
Flanges Supplier in Tripoli

Flange Standards available in the Libya
Flanges Stockist in Tripoli

Industries and Applications of Flanges
Flange Applications in Libya

  • Pumps, Valves, and vessels in manufacturing and food processing.
  • Pipe connections in industrial waterworks.
  • Heat exchangers and heating systems of all sizes.
  • Mining support.
  • Nuclear power systems.
  • Plumbing and mechanical systems.
  • Assemblies in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.
  • Fire protection systems.

Flanges Availability in Libya
We export Flanges in below mentioned locations in Libya

Tripoli Benghazi Misrata Khoms
Al Bayda Sirte Tobruk Sabhā
Ajdabiya Sabratah Gadamis Derna
Zuwara Ghat Tarhunah Bani Waled
Nalut Yefren Awjilah Garyan
Murzuq‎ Jadu Mizdah Az-Zāwiyah
Awbari‎ Zliten Brak Tajoura
Zelten Sirte District Al-Abyar Waddan
Brega Tocra Suluq Al Qubah
Houn Al-Jawf Al Ajaylat Shahat
Sawknah Marj District Ras Lanuf Al-ʿAzīzīyah
Al Marj Msallata Tawergha Surman
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