Concentric Serrated Flange

Concentric Serrated Flange

Precision Unveiled: The Art of Concentric Serrated Flange Finishes

In the intricate dance of industrial fluid systems, the choice of flange finishes is an art that combines functionality and precision. One such masterpiece in the world of sealing solutions is the Concentric Serrated Flange, where the grooves are meticulously crafted to achieve a distinct concentric pattern. In this exploration, we delve into the technical finesse behind Concentric Serrated Flange finishes, unraveling the secrets of Marcel’s expertise in this domain.

The Artistry of Concentric Serrated Finishes:

Concentric serrated finishes are a testament to precision engineering, utilizing tooling techniques that produce concentric grooves equidistant from one another. Unlike their spiral serrated counterparts, the concentric variety forms circular grooves around the flange sealing surface, resembling a phonographic record.

  1. Tooling Technique:

    To achieve the concentric pattern, a specialized tool with a 90° included angle “V” is employed. This tool delicately carves grooves that are 1/64″ deep and spaced 1/32″ apart, ensuring a uniform and visually appealing finish.

  2. Feed Rate and Depth:

    The manufacturing process relies on a feed rate of 0.039mm per revolution with a depth of 0.079mm. This meticulous approach results in concentric grooves that not only enhance aesthetics but also contribute to the functional efficiency of the flange.

  3. Groove Characteristics:

    The depth of each groove, the number of grooves per centimeter, and the surface roughness are precisely defined by industry standards. For instance, the ASME B16.5 standard dictates serrations of 1/64 inch (0.4 mm) deep with 32 serrations per inch (12.5 serrations per centimeter) for both spiral serrated and concentric serrated flange surfaces.

The Dynamics of Serrated Flange Surfaces:

  1. Resilience Against Leakage:

    Serrated flange surfaces, including the concentric variety, provide heightened resistance during gasket mating. This resistance reduces the probability of leakage, even with less sealing pressure (bolt torqueing), as it mitigates the chances of gasket dislocation.

  2. Customization for Sealing Force:

    The number and depth of serrations play a pivotal role in determining the compressive force required for a seal. While numerous shallow serrations emulate a smooth flange surface, fewer serrations with deeper grooves demand a higher compressive force for an effective seal.

Marcel: Pioneering Excellence in Concentric Serrated Flanges:
Marcel, an eminent name in the domain of piping components, stands as an exemplar in manufacturing Concentric Serrated Flanges that redefine industry standards. Fueled by a commitment to precision engineering, Marcel ensures that their flanges not only meet but exceed the stringent demands of diverse industrial sectors.
  1. Tooling Mastery:

    Marcel’s expertise lies in mastering tooling techniques to create impeccable concentric serrated finishes. The 90° included angle “V” tool is wielded with finesse, ensuring the precision required for optimal performance.

  2. Material Versatility:

    Marcel provides a range of material options, offering industries the flexibility to customize their Concentric Serrated Flanges according to specific operational requirements. Soft gaskets, such as compressed non-asbestos, and flexible graphite composite gaskets, are favored for sealing applications when these flanges are manufactured in steel. The emphasis on steel as a material ensures robustness and durability, meeting the demanding needs of various industrial applications.


Concentric Serrated Flange finishes exemplify the synergy between form and function in the realm of industrial fluid systems. Marcel’s commitment to precision, manifested in their mastery of tooling techniques, positions them as pioneers in delivering flanges that not only meet but surpass industry standards. Choosing Marcel ensures that your Concentric Serrated Flanges are not merely components; they are expressions of engineering finesse, contributing to the resilience, efficiency, and longevity of your fluid systems.

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