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Marcel’s Mastery Unveiled: The Craftsmanship Behind Stock Finish Flanges

The Artistry of Stock Finish Flanges:

The Stock Finish is the epitome of versatility, hailed as the most widely used flange surface finish for its applicability across ordinary service conditions. Crafted with precision, this finish allows the soft face of a gasket to embed under compression, creating an effective seal with a high level of friction between mating surfaces.

Key Features of Stock Finish Flanges:

  1. Continuous Groove Generation:

    Marcel employs a 1/16” radius round-nosed tool to produce a continuous groove for Stock Finish Flanges. This meticulous approach ensures a surface that is both functional and visually appealing.

  2. Surface Roughness Parameters:

    The Stock Finish roughness falls within the range of 250-500 AARH (Ra 3.2-12.5), making it suitable for a broad spectrum of general surface conditions. This range provides an optimal balance between smoothness and effectiveness in creating seals.

  3. Utility in Gasket Contact Surfaces:

    Particularly required for flange facings in direct contact with gaskets, the Stock Finish allows soft gaskets to embed and form a reliable seal. The resulting surface is a continuous spiral groove, often referred to as phonographic, with a roughness between Ra 3.2 and 12.5 micrometers (125 – 500 micro-inch).

Marcel’s Expertise in Stock Finish Flanges:
Marcel stands as a paragon of excellence in the industrial solutions arena, renowned for its precision engineering and innovative solutions. As a leading manufacturer, Marcel’s commitment to quality craftsmanship, versatility in materials, and adherence to industry standards positions it as a trusted partner, delivering reliable products that redefine performance across diverse applications.
  1. Tooling Mastery:

    Marcel achieves the Stock Finish by utilizing a 1.6 mm radius round-nosed tool for sizes up to 12 inches, ensuring precise groove generation. For larger sizes, a 3.2 mm round-nosed tool is employed, maintaining consistency and quality in every flange produced.

  2. Standardization and Widely Applicable:

    The Stock Finish, being the most widely used, is the standard choice for a multitude of applications unless specified otherwise by the purchaser. Marcel’s commitment to quality and ease of manufacture makes Stock Finish Flanges a reliable and versatile option.

  3. Surface Roughness Understanding:

    Marcel’s adherence to surface roughness standards is paramount, ensuring that the Stock Finish falls within the specified range for effective sealing and optimal performance. The company’s commitment to quality is reflected in the adherence to industry norms.


Marcel’s Stock Finish Flanges represent the pinnacle of versatility and reliability in the realm of industrial fluid systems. Crafted with precision, these flanges showcase Marcel’s mastery in creating surfaces that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Opting for Marcel ensures that your Stock Finish Flanges are not just components; they are a testament to the artistry and engineering finesse that defines Marcel’s commitment to excellence.

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