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Swivel Flange For Refineries in Andhra Pradesh

Swivel Ring Flange For Refineries in Andhra Pradesh

Marcel Piping Projects Supply Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing high-quality industrial components, including the Swivel Ring Flange, which has recently been supplied to refineries in Andhra Pradesh. Crafted to ASTM A182 standards with Grade F304, these flanges adhere to the stringent specifications outlined by ASME B16.5, ensuring reliability and durability in demanding applications. Engineered for RTJ joint type and boasting a pressure rating of 300#, Marcel’s Swivel Ring Flanges are the trusted choice for critical operations, offering steadfast performance in diverse industrial settings.

Product Details:

  • Product: Swivel Ring Flange
  • Standard: ASTM A182
  • Grade: F304
  • Dimensions: ASME B16.5
  • Joint Type: RTJ
  • Pressure Rating: 300#
  • Supply: For Refineries in Andhra Pradesh


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